Secondo Corso: Pasta Making

Time for the second course—of pasta making that is! Challenge yourself to new pasta techniques such as tortellini folds, and farfalle shapes in our follow-up, carnivore friendly, pasta class. Breeze through the dough making process and take on a couple of delicious sauces. The menu offers a turkey bolognese, and a light creamy lemon sauce. Relax after the cooking instruction and savor your hard-earned dinner with new friends and old.

BYOB - Glassware and ice provided.

Coming Soon Pasta Workshop $95
We think of pasta as as the vehicle for the sauce. This class will focus on various hand shaped pasta such as Cavatelli, & Garganelli. We will prepare a Chef's choice sauce such as Arrabiata, Garden Pesto, Alfredo, or my personal favorite slow cooked light Tomato Butter sauce. 

Pasta buffet will be served along with salad.
BYOB - Glassware and ice provided.



This Class Has Come to an end. 

Coming This October
Pasta Workshop $95


This Class Has Come to an end. Coming This October
Pasta Workshop $95